• Spice rub review

    Spice rub review
    The holy grail of any bbq or grilling venture. From zero to grill master in one helping. Try our Kekem BBQ Spice rub and thank us later. Here's what one customer had to say
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  • Normandy

    It was a very poignant trip. To witness the spot where so many lives were lostwhat, where so much scarifice was made, was truly humbling. Its easy to take for granted the liberties we now have and the freedoms we enjoy today. Its easy to see the older generation and not think much about what they've given for us to have what we have. That trip brought it home for me. The sculptures erected to remember them were so apt too: The Wings of Hope, Rise, Freedom & The Wings of Fratenity. So today, whatever you do, take a moment to remember our vulnerable elderly and think how you can serve them. Some of them or their parents were probably part of the cohort that did so much for us.
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  • BBQ Days are coming

    BBQ Days are coming
    Father's Day is round the corner on June 19th. The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend is even before that from 2nd to 5th June. What plans have you got? A garden BBQ should be central to those. Shop via link in bio for spicy treats which will up the ante of any grill fest.
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