In 1999, Dr Simon Ndi Tatani during retirement in his beloved Etinde House, created the Etinde House Chilli Oil recipe. Almost 20 years on, this recipe remains in the family and is loved by all who try it. Our extra hot chilli oil, brings a uniquely delicious taste and flavour to everything it garnishes.




Dr Tatani was our father and grand-father and Etinde House Chilli Oil is a part of his legacy. One of the main ingredients used in our flagship chilli oil, the Habanero Chilli Pepper, is organically grown in Cameroon. With this chilli oil purchase, you empower small-scale farmers to attain secure and sustainable livelihoods and raise prostate cancer awareness amongst men in disadvantaged parts of Cameroon.

Hello! Welcome to our website! I’m Ndah (like Linda; just without the ‘L’😊) and together with my husband, Valentine, we run Etinde House Company an artisan outfit which I founded in September of 2018. Our only aim, to bring the revered family chilli oil recipe to the market to in order to deliver the very best in terms of heat, flavour & versatility.



It all began in our home kitchen here in Northampton from which we began part sourcing the chillies from Cameroon to help provide sustainable livelihoods from small scale farmers. We also started sourcing from suppliers in an around UK but only those with sustainably farmed products. We set to work and refined the already premium recipe to make sure it was perfect for the UK market and more.

Once we were happy with phase one of the recipe and branding, we started to sell in food festivals, Christmas markets, on our website and through a few independent shops local to us. Two years on and we are now listed in TheVeganKind Supermarket, BoroughBox and hopefully many more in the near future. 


With the success of our chilli oils, came the need to expand our product range. A need which led to the the introduction of spice rubs, exotic snacks and chilli sauces. However much we grow, we plan to keep our customer at the centre of what we do. With each bottle of chilli oil, pack of Spice rub or Cameroonian street snack, our customers share in our history, our story, our legacy. We also remain passionate to giving back by sourcing produce wherever possible from Cameroon and also by helping raise prostate cancer awareness amongst disadvantaged men in Cameroon.

Keeping in touch with our customers and responding to their preferences and feedback is key, so please do well to let us know if you have any feedback or questions. To make sure you don’t miss out on any news about special offers or product launches, please sign up to our exclusive newsletter.

Stay Spicy. With love from the Rose of the Shires,