Deliciously Extra Hot.

Deliciously Extra Hot.

Bring An Eh-Co To Your Table. 

Our Chilli Oils Deliver Heat & Flavour To Every Meal.


Bring An Eh-Co To Your Table. 

Our Chilli Oils Deliver Heat & Flavour To Every Meal.

About Us

60ML Basil Infused Eh-Co

Bringing Eh-co to a table near you

Chilli Oil is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by mixing chillies, spices, condiments and oils. We are committed to discovering new and delicious chilli oil flavours and bringing them to you so you can take your food to new heights. 

To ensure we bring you the best of provenance, our chilli oils are made with Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil which is sustainably grown in the UK, Habanero & Carolina Reaper Chillies. Our products are suitable for vegans and contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring. 

Bring an Eh-Co to your table and liven up any thing from salad to humous, pizza, spagbol and everything in between 

Eh-Co Rosemary Infused 100ML

our history. our story

In 1999, Dr Simon Ndi Tatani during retirement in his beloved Etinde House, created the Eh-Co recipe. Almost 20 years on, this recipe remains in the family and is loved by all who try it. Eh-Co, an extra hot chilli oil, brings a uniquely delicious taste and flavour to everything it garnishes.

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giving back in honour of legacy

Dr Tatani was our father and grand-father and Eh-Co is a part of his legacy. One of Eh-Co Original’s main ingredients, the Habanero Chilli Pepper, used in our flagship chilli oil, is organically grown in Cameroon. With  this chilli oil purchase, you empower small-scale farmers to attain secure and sustainable livelihoods and raise prostate cancer awareness amongst men in disadvantaged parts of Cameroon.

Give the gift of heat and flavour

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