Kékem Dry BBQ Spice Rub

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A quintessential West African spice blend, ideal for any grilling occasion. Sprinkle a smidgen or rub liberally on beef, chicken, pork, fish or any other meat for a super spicy grilled taste like no other.  Some folk simply use it as a seasoning for chips or a meat dip whichever way the meat's been cooked. As with everything else from Etinde House Company, Kékem Spice rub is free of preservatives, additives, artificial flavours & colours. Yet another way for us to treat our chilli loving & heat-seeking fans.

Why Kékem?

Hmmm...ask any Cameroonian of a certain age who happened to have travelled to the North West Province via the Western Province and you'll soon find out Kékem causes an intense case of salivation. Kékem was and is known for exquisite grilled meat served with this super spicy rub, roasted plantains and roasted African plum galore. So, if you say Kékem, you better have grilled protein ready but only if its served with Kékem Spice Rub.


Powdered Chilli, Pèbè (African Nutmeg), Njangsa (Ricinodendron), Country Onion (Afrostyrax Lepidophyllus), Garlic Powder, Salt 

Great with beef, chicken, fish, pork or chips

Kékem comes in a stay-fresh heat-sealed pouch containing 100g of Kékem spice rub. Packed with flavour, a little goes a long way. Best used within 2 years of opening as long as it's kept sealed in the pouch.

NET WT. 100g


Customer Reviews

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Lovely taste

Tried with steak was excellent not to spicy either just enough

Thank you so much for your custom and brilliant review Heather. We really appreciate it.

Best Soya spice ever

This is one of the best Soya Spices I've come across. Will highly recommend

Kemkem spice rub

Simply the best spices you will ever come across for your fish, meat, chicken you name it. Kemkem spice rub will give your food some extra salivating taste. Make sure you try this product and see how you will fall in love with it.

Amazingly good

It is truly a quintessential West African spice blend! The perfect blend of the amazing spices we are blessed with, it is just perfect for my chicken, pork and goat meat. Since discovering this it is the only spice I use now, so versatile in the kitchen, believe it or not I use it even to make an omelette, I love my spicy food 😊. This is a must have in every kitchen! Go for it and thank me later!

Chimene Awambeng
Excellent spicy

This is a must for your meat or chicken! Highly recommended folks 🔥🔥🔥