3-Pack Habanero Chilli Oil | 60ML

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Why try one flavour when you can try them all. Grab all 3 flavours & save in this 60ML multi-pack and you won't have to wonder what any other Etinde House Company (Eh-Co) Chilli Oil flavours taste like. Slip the 60ml (our party size) into your hand or man-bag and there'll never be a dull food moment.

Our Vegan Friendly, Gluten & Dairy Free Original chilli oil is made from two of the world's hottest chillies, the Habanero &  the Carolina Reaper chillies. A fiery hot Chilli Oil with a lingering and unforgettable flavour. You’ll only need a little drizzle to make a difference; 60ml will go ever such a long way with lots to spare. The heat comes in a slow and slick release which improves flavour like nothing else does. Leverage your Lasagne, strengthen your Stew, revv up your Curry, whatever food takes your fancy, you can be sure our chilli oil will bring it to life. Are you a hot sauce or spicy food lover? Why not try Eh-Co Chilli Oil, it a better more versatile alternative.

Customer Reviews

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This is a regular on our dinner table as well as in my spice rack. A great addition of flavour to any dish, from cold foods to hot. Just need a small bottle to travel with when I go out to eat.

Lily B

Our whole house is obsessed with spice and we are always looking for new things to try. We have totally fallen in love with Eh-Co oil - it has become a firm favourite over lockdown while we have been perfecting our homemade pizza recipe. Highly, highly recommend!

Chilli Oil with a kick

If you enjoy spice this a great chilli oil which actually has a kick to it (unlike many chilli oils which are often too mild for my liking) while still being well balanced with the other flavours.
Would recommend!

Adele Parkinson
Habanero chilli oil

This is the first chilli oil I've tried and its beautiful the flavour the heat level everything is just right its perfect for frying noodles putting on salad and much more