May 31, 2022

The History of BBQ

By Ndah Mbawa
The History of BBQ
A little bit of history that you may not have been taught at school, the history of the barbecue.
We start in the 15th Century on our timeline. The Spanish arrive at the Carribean, the locals had already perfected the method of slow cooking meat over wood planks and sticks.The Spanish adapted the term "barabicu" meaning sacred pit "barbacoa". Carribean pirates were on Southern shores cooking animals known as cooking them from "barb a que"-from head to toe.
Going into the 19th Century; barbecue in America. The technique came to Southern America through migration from Europe and Africa, pork was largely used and cattle became more popular with the development of cowboys. It was a cheap, easy way to cook poor cuts of meat. The method was made even easier with Swoyer design coal briquettes in 1897.
Today as barbecue methods go they were introduced throughout the US, different regions created different styles. These now include Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas city and Texas.