July 03, 2022

Summer meals on lock

By Ndah Mbawa
Summer meals on lock
Summer🌞🌼 is full of ways for our diet or healthy eating to fall through, ice creams, BBQs orjust family fun at the cinema, the calories come without you even realising.
We've got the perfect products to make summer meals and snacks healthy and delicious.
1) it's hard enough to get people eating their veggies, we don't need to have them bland too! Our Kékem spice rub can coat any veggie and thrown in the oven or airfryer to crisp up to serve as a snack or the perfect side at dinner.
2) Our range of exotic coconut snacks have your back this summer for the party to keep the flavour going all day. With multiple flavours there is something for everyone. Clear out those old boring snacks from the back of the cupboard.
3) Our Hot Chilli Pepper Jam is a great way to keep the snacks light with some cheese and crackers or a great accompany to accoutrements.