June 01, 2022

Stuck for Father's Day?

By Ndah Mbawa
Stuck for Father's Day?

 Shhh it's nearly Father's day.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for dad, we know it can be a little difficult. However, we are here to try and help with our great selection of gifts for dads. We know there’s something perfect in one of our many categories that will suit your needs.

1) A commuter cup

If your dad commutes at all or just wants a quick coffee for the drive in, a commuter cup is what he needs. He'll be glad to have an insulated tumbler with a spill-proof lid for his morning caffeine fix.

2) Our hot sauce bunndle pack

We offer or 3 or all 4 of our hot sauces in a bundle pack, perfect for any foodie dads who want to venture into trying new hot sauces or they're a spice head who needs a new addiction.

3) Personalised airpod case

Something personalised can look cringey at times but a simple design of initials on a product that everyone has will be perfect for dads to keep their airpods safe and harder to lose. Cases to be personalised can be found on Etsy and Amazon, however, if you have a low budget, you can easily get creative on a plain case to make the gift even more personal.

4) A BBQ

A larger gift that could be split between siblings, for the foodie dad of the year. If your dad isn't summer ready and has no BBQ, this may be the perfect time to treat him, after all, the food cooked has to be eaten by someone. This can be a great activity for all dads this summer.

5) A drone 

There are certainly high tech drones out there with multiple uses for them in many career sectors, but what about for a bit of fun. Again a larger gift but there are also drones perfect for the bored dads at home that can now let their inner child out to play.

6) Charging station

This is a simple yet effective gift for any dad with who needs some order to his chaotic business and home life. 

7) Ancestry

A more personal and heartfelt gift that can benefit someone in a multitude of ways would be the chance to see their acestry origins, ancestry.com can go in depth into the past. This gift could help a persons sense of belonging by connecting loved ones, your own history is just as compelling as those in textbooks.

8) Inner toilet bowl light

A more light-hearted (no pun intended) gift idea to present to dad on Father's day, hoping it improves aim.

9) Indoor/outdoor slippers

Simple yet effective, every dad does not want to be tying laces to take the bins out, some outdoor slippers or indoor to keep their feet toasty. Comfort comes with age.

10) Experience day

If your dad is not the type for materialistic gifts, give them an experinece to remember from spa days, to racing to historical tours, there is a day lined up for any dad. A much more suited gift for those who would not regularly do these activities for themselves.