October 29, 2020

It's Always BBQ🍖 Time with Spice Rubs😋

By Ndah Mbawa
It's Always BBQ🍖 Time with Spice Rubs😋

Here in the UK, the days having friends & family over are a little way off yet, what with Lockdown 3.0 keeping us at well at bay from each other. It doesn't help that the weather🥶 is so drab too.

This double whammy of circumstances makes it necessary to get creative in other ways to spice up the days. One way to do this is through food, grilled food. It helps distract the palates, taste buds😋 and mood from grim health and weather tidings.

Grilled Pork with Spice Rubs


It may be winter but that never stopped anyone enjoying some grilled protein. To be fair, few can say no to a perfect grill or barbecue whatever the weather.  So, have a BBQ in your kitchen or the edge of your back garden this weekend😃. 

The real question is how to get that level of barbecue perfection. Here’s the solution you are looking for; Spice rubs. Delicious ones. Spice rubs are quite the in thing otherwise big players like Men’s health  and All Recipes  would not dedicate entire blog posts to them. According to condiment connoisseurs, our Kékem Spice Rub, is an awesome dry BBQ🍗 Rub, fast becoming the “Pixie Dust” of barbecues. 

Kekem Spice Rub

When choosing a spice rub, pick one which will awaken those sleeping taste buds. The mixture should go well with that slab of meat or poultry waiting to be grilled. A decent spice rub will enhance the smoky barbecue flavour that one craves for and eliminate the need for extra chillies/peppers🌶🌶 in your shopping list.

Spice Rubs are either utilized in their dry state blended with some sort of liquid ideally oil. Wet rub or paste for that matter brings that divine taste for a great grill or barbecue. The oil merely assists the spices to adhere to the meat enhancing the roasting procedure. This will transform your barbecue to a cuisine to beat. Moist and tender meat that will keep everyone asking for more.

Kekem Spice Rub

There are no limitations on how to use spice rubs. Beyond marinating your meat, boost your ordinary vegetables by adding a dash or two of your rub. This compliments the flavours on your barbecue spread. It can also be added to your salad dressing.

Spice rubs have natural taste enhancers that bring out the great flavour in food. If you want to give into your craving then you need to indulge into rubs, it’s simply a sprinkle away.😃

Without a doubt, a superb spice rub that's worth more than its weight is our Kékem Spice Rub. It has that smokey-savory flavour and gives the right kick which any respectable barbecue lover is looking for. Are you ready to impress the family with your grill or barbecue skills? Then this is perfect for you. Kékem Spice rub can only be described as a quintessential West African spice blend, ideal for any grilling occasion. Sprinkle a smidgen or rub liberally on beef, chicken, pork, fish or any other meat for a super spicy grilled taste like no other.  Kekem Spice Rub

Some folk simply use it as a seasoning for chips🍟 or a meat dip whichever way the meat's been cooked. There are no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring used so rating is top notch.  Taste Etinde House's Kékem Spice rub but be ready to try nothing else as this hits all the spots.