July 03, 2022

Hot Sauce food combinations

By Ndah Mbawa
Hot Sauce food combinations

Are you wanting to make your diet spicier but don't know how to incorporate it? We've come up with some delicious food and hot sauce combos.

EGGS: Scrambled, fried, an omelette, it doesn’t matter, hot sauce will elevate your breakfast eggs
PIZZA: Add spice to any bite, and of course even more perfect
MAC & CHEESE: it’s a personal favourite, mac & cheese can get boring
HASHBROWNS: A great snack idea
RICE: An instant flavour sensation added to a bland carb
POPCORN: A Rogue suggestion, but try it, it could be your next craving
SOUP: Especially for the ill days, soup with hot sauce will change your soup game!
SALAD: A perfect low-calorie dressing or if you’re missing your spice kick for the day