Homemade vegetable soup gets a face lift with our chili Oil Eh-Co

Eh-Co took an ordinary looking vegetable soup to very new heights. . . . . . . . 

The plan was to embark on a 2-week stint of low-carb/Keto intermittent fast, ahead of a show-stopping get together in Montreal.  

So what's a girl to do when with 3 kids, a husband, home and full-time job, she has precious little spare time on her hands? Enter brainwave mode...it took the form of a heap of veggies, chopped and steamed together until tender. Yup...good isn't it :)

Pulped in my fancy fancy blender, the end result didn't look like much. Enter brain wave mode 2 - drizzle a little of our legendary chilli oil, Eh-Co Original on it. Well tbh, that's more like a default mode. 

Et voila!!! We have a gourmet vegetable soup. Seriously, you should try Eh-Co.  You would be glad you didn't pass up the opportunity.