March 17, 2022

Calling All BBQ Lovers

By Ndah Mbawa
Calling All BBQ Lovers

                                  Calling All BBQ Lovers

That summer weather is around the corner, you can nearly smell the BBQ’s. We think that Eh-co has adaptable products to recipes, but we also want to offer some ideas to up the level of flavour in your homes this summer.

Firstly, we’ve got a Sticky Spicy BBQ ribs easy recipe, perfect for big family BBQ’s where you want to

add more variety to your options rather than just the usual burgers and sausages.


   2 racks baby back pork ribs

    2 cans cola

    2 tsp toasted sesame seed (optional)

    Eh-co Kékem dry BBQ spice rub

    Eh-co N’dorbor BBQ hot sauce

Optional side dip

    2:1 ratio of Sour cream,


    1tbsp of minced garlic

    Garlic salt

    Chopped chives


  • Begin by heating the oven to a low 160C/140C for fan users and gas 3. You will need a roasting tin or dish that can snugly fit the ribs.


  • Coat your ribs with the Kékem BBQ dry rub, rubbing the mixture into both sides of the ribs.

  • Placing them in your dish, pour over the cans of cola and water to just cover the ribs. This will then need to be sealed tightly with foil over it. Slow roast these for 2-3 hours, ensuring you turn them halfway through.


  • Once done place on a rack (kitchen paper underneath will help with any mess). Pour any liquids from the dish away and brush on our N’dorbor spicy BBQ sauce, all over. You can choose to do this the day before the BBQ and chill these now for 24 hours, or if you’d prefer an all-in-one-day method, at least 1 hour to chill would also be fine.


  • This would be a good time to mix the dip ingredients and set to chill in the fridge too.


  • BBQ ready: heat the barbecue waiting for any flames to die down. Cook these for up to 20 minutes, occasionally basting with more sauce. Scatter with sesame seeds to serve.



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