June 01, 2022

As seen on socials

By Ndah Mbawa
As seen on socials

What we love is seeing the content that our community provides. Whether it's a new recipe or a life update, we want to see and appreciate it. We've picked a few of our favourite recent posts that we think you'll enjoy too! 🌶️

This first post is from Magner hot sauces, showing a simple image of one of their techniques for their recipe which involve pickling! We enjoy seeing any behind the scenes footage from business'.(@magnerhotsauces)


Next up a Norwegian creator knwon as @RAGNAROK_NORGE on instagram posted a scrumptious pic with one of our favourute ways t spice up tour weekend treat. A pizza with hot sauce is like bees to pollen, they belong together.


Boy do we love a review content creator! @ukhotsaucereviews on instagram tries a variant collection of sauces ad this one in particular was Carribean, with the post going into detail about the taste and ingredients and even a flavour and heat rating at the end. This is clearly a heat head who knows what they are doing and we love it, every aspect of the flavour of the sauce is analysed. If you want to dive into the hot sauce market, check out this account to see if any of their reviews help you out, we certainly enjoyed them!


The last post is brought to you by @thecurryguy on instagram. An author of cookbooks, he shows us a result of one of his recipes and him clearly enjoying the BBQ season! It will never get old to see people enjoying flavourful food.