June 30, 2022

3 Ways to spice up bland BBQ food

By Ndah Mbawa
3 Ways to spice up bland BBQ food
Your summer BBQs are in need of some new flavor to get the party started! We got your back with some perfect marinades, rubs and sauces that will help you make the best BBQ out there.
Ditch those bland burgers, hot dogs and sausages for something new this season. Here are some BBQ and Picnic essentials.
1) Our Kékem Spice Rub will really pack a punch on your BBQ meats or even veggies. It's an easy way to please your guests in a simple and easy way.
2) Going on a picnic this summer time? Bored of the same old snacks? Please your picnic goers with our extesnive range of flavourful goodies. Our range of luxuriously crunchy & criminally moreish coconut snacks, with 8 different flavours.
3) Our Chilli oils are a way to inject some spice to the acoutrements of the celebration, they're very versatile adding some life to hummus, a salad, seafood, you name it!