Toghu | 150ML

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A hot sauce paying full homage to the grasslands of Cameroon, its food and its people. When you meet a "Graffi" person, it won't be long before you experience the Toghu regalia, as well as supremely wholesome food and a hearty, hardworking set of people.

Toghu Hot sauce brings all of this together and then some. The smoky chipotle undertones blend incredibly well with the Habanero to deliver a hot and flavourful sensation so good, you will develop deep nostalgia for a place you might never have journeyed to. 

Ingredients: Chipotle, Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper, Fuhlong, Berbere, Salt, Lemon Juice, White Wine Vinegar, Onions, Water, Ginger

Vegan friendly & free from additives, preservatives or artificial flavouring

Bottle size: 150ml

Storage: Once opened, refrigerate and use within 6 weeks of opening