250ML Habanero Chilli Oil

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For the serious chilli enthusiast. Our Etinde House Chilli Oil Original 250ML is family size and should go the distance. With additional Basil or Rosemary Infused flavours to chose from, there's no reason not to bring an Eh-Co Chilli Oil bottle to your table. Taste our chilli oil and it won't be long before you issue a rave review of your own. This luxury Habanero Chilli Oil means hot and flavourful business.

Ours is a premium vegan friendly range of deliciously extra hot chilli Oils. Those who like hot sauce, will love this better and more versatile alternative. Are you a spicy food or hot sauce lover? We've got you covered. With our Classic, Basil or Rosemary Infused flavours to chose from, you won't be left wanting for flavour. Whether you prefer to use it as an ingredient or drizzle as a condiment, this is sure to revv up your meals like nothing else. A definite condiment and sauce staple for your grocery cupboard.

Etinde House Company Chilli Oils deliver the best of provenance; made with sustainably grown extra virgin/cold pressed Rapeseed oil (UK Grown), Habanero chilli, Carolina Reaper Chilli, Basil & Rosemary. Our products are suitable for vegans and are free from dairy, gluten, artificial additives, artificial colouring & preservatives.

Customer Reviews

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Yinka Fasanya
The best chilli oil there is

The best of the best, I first bought this oil at the vegan festival a few years ago and since then I have never looked back. Tastes amazing on absolutely everything but a must on pizza! My only feedback would be for the 250ml bottle if there was a pourer spout (not sure if that’s the right term) on the bottle to help with efficiency of pouring. Recommended to so many friends who are always impressed with the depth of flavour and heat. Thank you!

Andrew Sathanandan
Great tasting chilli oil

I have always used Habanero chilli sauce with my meals. My daughter introduced me to neat burnt habana oil for an accompaniment to pizza and salads. I tried this particular oil with rosemary infusion on my salads and pasta. The taste was superb. I will continue to use this oil with my future salad dressing and pasta meals.

Thank you so very much for your amazing review. As a small business, we do a lengthy happy dance:-) when we get feedback such as this from our customers. We always aim to please and hope we can keep doing so. Thank you once again!

Gavin Noy
Habanero oil

Packed with heat and flavour. One of the best oils on the market. Wish they made Carolina reaper and Scorpion oil. Id definitely purchase them. This is my 3/4 th oil from them.

Cece Ashu
A must have in any kitchen

Fantastic stuff! Whether I am using it during cooking or as a table condiment, this chilli oil never disappoints.

The customer service is exceptional and very responsive to feedback.

Cece Ashu
Simply delightful!

Oh my, where do I start? I am glad I satisfied my curiosity and tried these (I have used both the rosemary infused and habanero). This is now an ‘Eh-sential’ product in my kitchen and dining table, as we use it both during meal preparation (as an additional condiment and spice) or as a table ‘sauce’ to add flavour and/of heat ass desired. Works on everything we’ve tried in on so far; from dribbling over pizza to adding on my home made bolognese sauce. Delivery is timely, packaging is solid and the overall customer service is top notch! I highly recommend you try it for yourself . My first order was for the smaller bottles (to serve as my taster). I doubled up and upgraded to the larger 250ml bottles on my second order; that is how good!