4-Pack Hot Sauce Collection

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Can’t decide which hot sauce to nab? We don’t blame you. You shouldn't have to. This 4-Pack collection has you covered.

 Toghu Hot Sauce

A hot sauce paying full homage to the grasslands of Cameroon, its food and its people. When you meet a "Graffi" person, it won't be long before you experience the Toghu regalia, as well as supremely wholesome food and a hearty, hardworking set of people.

Toghu Hot sauce brings all of this together and then some. The smoky chipotle undertones blend incredibly well with the Habanero to deliver a hot and flavourful sensation so good, you will develop deep nostalgia for a place you might never have journeyed to. 


N’dorbor Hot Sauce

Everyone needs a good BBQ hot sauce in their kitchen cupboard. Easy as that maybe to say, this can be as hard to find as the perfect pair of jeans. N'Dorbor Hot Sauce comes to put an end to that search. It is the holy grail for any grill or barbecue extravaganza. A fabulous bottle of hot sauce so extraordinary it is ready to rumble whenever you feel the undeniable urge to slather barbecue sauce on something. With the right combination of heat, smoky flavour and sweetness, there is none of that glorified ketch-up sense about this rare bottle of goodness.


Mami Mary

Mami Mary is Etinde House's milder addition to the hot sauce family. Fresh jalapeno, lime and basil handcrafted in small batches. The heat is perfectly balanced with the flavour to allow for use on practically anything! Simple, rare and ridiculously good flavour. 


Tad Market Hot Sauce

The Tad Market Hot Sauce is all about the peppers. The heat is bold and packed full of red habanero flavour resulting in a seriously versatile and ridiculously good hot sauce Ideal for the heat seeking foodie, Tad Market is a speedy but classy way to a healthy helping of spice and flavour to any meal. 

Vegan friendly & free from additives, preservatives or artificial flavouring

Bottle sizes: 150ml

Once opened, refrigerate and use within 6 weeks of opening

Customer Reviews

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Great hot sauces!

Bought them as a gift and they've gone down a treat. They love the variety of different flavours and intensities. Will 100% be buying from Eh-Co again!