Bring an Eh-Co to your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 ) I’ve ordered some oil on back order, when will you be able to deliver?

Between 3 and 21 days, depending on your order. Please email and we’ll be able to give you an update.

2) How long will it take to deliver my order?

Between 3-5 business days is our standard delivery timeframe.

3) What is chilli oil?

Eh-Co, our chilli oil is made from habanero chillies and vegetable oil only . No additives. No Preservatives. Pure flavour.

4)  How do I use Eh-Co?

Dash it over your food. Pretty much most foods can be revved up by Eh-Co, Pizza, Soups, Chicken Pie, Spagbol, Chinese etc… Our chilli oils bring a zing to any meal.

5) How long does it last?

Stored in a cool dark place, Eh-Co will remain in top condition for  months. We recommend consuming your chilli oil within 24months of opening.

6) How do I get free shipping?

Order over £50 worth of our Chilli Oils and most UK shipping is free!